Mr. and Mrs. Walker

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On Saturday January 11th, at the Al Bahr Shrine Temple in San Diego, CA . At 12:30pm Steve and Lieghanne were joined in Holy Matrimony…with a few close friends and relatives present for the ceremony…the Bride serenaded the groom…a first for this photographer…the nuptials were sealed with a traditional kiss…and a great time was had by all! Here are a few photos…the rest can be viewed at





Mark and Laurie Heuslein’s wedding reception

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Sunday evening in a Hangar on Gillespie Field, Mark and Laurie had their wedding reception…although they were married almost two months ago tonight’s reception in luau Fashion was just wonderful. Their honeymoon was in Maui and since they couldn’t take everyone there they thought it would be great to bring the island here…complete with hula dancers and fire jugglers…here are a few photos…the rest as usual can be found at

My Daughters Wedding


Normally I try to keep this Site purely business…but since I am Dad…and these are photos…I get some leeway! Marrissa Meyer became Mrs. Patrick Mallory on Saturday evening, October 19th, in the sculpture garden at the Museum of Art in Balboa Park…130 Guests were in attendance consisting of Family , close friends and relatives from across the country that made their way to this wonderful evening. As a wedding Photographer I have seen my share of events…my Daughters was flawless…everything was spot on! My deepest thanks go to my two wonderful friends and colleges Heather Heindel and Thomas Kurtz who photographed there tails off…I am only posting one photo on this blog…I am sure you can see why…you can see the rest at So far only half are up…so you might want to check back in a few days to see more!