Heartland Masonic Lodge Public Schools Night

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Tonight at Heartland Lodge in El Cajon, the Lodge hosted its tenth annual Public Schools Night. With over 250 Students and Family members present, the top students from every elementary and middle school were duly honored! Students received a cash award and multiple certificates from local officials, the city of El Cajon made the month of April ” Public Schools Month”. Here are just a few photos the rest can be Viewed at  www.mindseyephotographies.zenfolio.com

Heartland Lodge #576 Public Schools Night

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Last night in El Cajon, Heartland lodge held it’s annual public schools night. With attendance being over 200 people, awards were handed out to students from Elementary and middle schools from around the east county…smiling faces of smart kids, proud parents cheering loudly…. what more could a Mason ask for! Just a few photos above…the rest can be seen in the Image galleries page on this site! OH did I mention the hundred dollar raffle at the end….the winner is in the purple dress!