John D. Spreckles Lodge Installation

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On Friday December 18th, I had the pleasure of photographing the installation of John D. Spreckles Lodge’s core of officers including the installation of my good friend Selby Wierman…this alone was great…but the fact that his father installed his son was over the top!! Here are a few fast photos the rest can be seen at

John D. Spreckles Lodge Annual Installation of Officers

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Friday evening at the Lodge at the end of University avenue in Hillcrest, John D. Spreckles Lodge had it’s annual installation of Officers. A wonderful crowd enjoyed Porte Rican food, good wine and great fellowship. After the installation the line officers traveled to the Tractor Room form a more intimate celebration. Loren Chico took over the Raines and will be continuing the long standing tradition of good works from J.D. Spreckles Lodge! Here are just a few shots the rest can be found in the Masonic folder at .

John D. Spreckles Lodge Installation

DSC_8005 DSC_7991 DSC_8200 DSC_8521 DSC_8600 DSC_8691Friday evening December 14th, I once again had the pleasure of photographing John D. Spreckles Lodge annual installation of officers, the event was well attended, and the out going Master was the incoming Master…so things rolled right along. Even though he will serve back to backs he has an enviable advantage…on your first time through you just start to get things figured out and and your pretty much done with your year! So the best of luck  Wor. Sir! Here are a few shots  of the goings on! More can be found by visiting the Images Galleries page and following the link.