Heartland Lodge #837 Installation

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On Saturday February 14th, at Heartland Masonic center in El Cajon. The newest Worshipful Master of Heartland lodge was duly installed! Sadly As Senior Warden Elect I was not able to be present because of a hospitalization…not good considering I was the Photographer for the event…But because of really good colleagues like Tom Kurtz these photos are possible! they all can be viewed at


Angel Salazar’s Hiram Award

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On Saturday Sept. 26th, at Heartland Lodge #576 in El Cajon, Angel Salazar recieved the Hiram award for 2015 from Heartland Lodge. A large crowd enjoyed a wonderful meal from Buckboard Catering, then retired to the lodge room for the presentation of the Hiram award….here are a few shots…the rest at www.mindseyephotographies.zenfolio.com

Heartland Lodge Public Schools Night

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On Thursday April 23rd, Heartland Lodge #576 of El Cajon hosted it’s annual Public Schools Night. With standing room only…51 students were honored from El Cajon,Santee and Lakeside schools.50 students received numerous written awards from City and State officials, and also from the lodge it self along with a fresh new $50.00 bill, they did receive the positive injunction the the money was theirs alone…not for gas or groceries etc.etc.etc.One high school student from Chaparral High school received a check for $500.00 from the Lodge. This event continues to get larger every year and is one of the shining examples of community involvement the Mason’s are all about! here are a few photos…the rest can be viewed at www.mindseyephotographies.zenfolio.com


Heartland Masonic Lodge Public Schools Night

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Tonight at Heartland Lodge in El Cajon, the Lodge hosted its tenth annual Public Schools Night. With over 250 Students and Family members present, the top students from every elementary and middle school were duly honored! Students received a cash award and multiple certificates from local officials, the city of El Cajon made the month of April ” Public Schools Month”. Here are just a few photos the rest can be Viewed at  www.mindseyephotographies.zenfolio.com

Heartland Lodge Annual Installation of Officers

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Saturday evening at the Heartland Masonic Center, Heartland lodge #576 Held their annual installation of Officers, with a great turnout of attendee’s… the line officers were properly installed with all of the pomp and circumstance due their stations, a reception followed with Mexican street Taco’s and all the accoutrement’s…congrats to Angel Salazar the newest Master of Heartland Lodge! Angel made one of the more moving speeches that I have heard…thanking the brothers he felt were his inspirations thru his masonic career…of which my father was one…Angel… I know that Charlie was looking down last night and I know that he couldn’t have been prouder! Here are just a few shots…the rest in the Masonic folder at www.mindseyephotographies.zenfolio.com .