Heartland Lodge Public Schools Night

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On Thursday April 23rd, Heartland Lodge #576 of El Cajon hosted it’s annual Public Schools Night. With standing room only…51 students were honored from El Cajon,Santee and Lakeside schools.50 students received numerous written awards from City and State officials, and also from the lodge it self along with a fresh new $50.00 bill, they did receive the positive injunction the the money was theirs alone…not for gas or groceries etc.etc.etc.One high school student from Chaparral High school received a check for $500.00 from the Lodge. This event continues to get larger every year and is one of the shining examples of community involvement the Mason’s are all about! here are a few photos…the rest can be viewed at www.mindseyephotographies.zenfolio.com


Grand Lodge Public Schools Presentation

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Thursday morning, 4/10/14. The Grand Lodge of California presented the San Diego Unified School District at Rowan Elementary School, a check in the amount of $141,000.00 dollars in the continuing commitment to furthering Education with in the State of California. The right worshipful John Heisner made the presentation on behalf of the Grand Master of California. Along with the “Raising a Reader” program, the masons of California have donated in the last three years alone over a half a million dollars to education in san Diego alone. here are just a few photos of the event…the rest can be viewed at www.mindseyephotographies.zenfolio.com .

aising a Reader Program

Grand Lodge of California Public Schools Presentation

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Wednesday Morning At Cherokee Point Elementary School, the Grand Lodge of California made a presentation of a check in the amount of $161,000.00 dollars to the San Diego Unified School District to be used for numerous scholarships and other needed usages! this is the third year for such a donation from the Mason’s of California who are committed to public education! here are a few shots the rest can be viewed in the image Galleries page…follow the link!