Mother Goose Parade

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On Saturday November 21st, The annual Mother Goose Parade was held in El Cajon California…for the first time in 69 years not on a Sunday. The parade was much shorter than in years past and the route has been changed…not for the better in my eyes. I normally don’t get on a soap box on this site…not my style…but…since I have a 54 year history to work from I think I can speak from experience…these changes do not seem to be for the better…first…Saturday…really…want to take a small guess at  how many children are in gauged at Soccer,Baseball , Basketball and other sundry sports venues…on Saturday….I know that they are trying to cater to religious concerns regarding Sundays and Church…I am willing to take a guess that kids/sports has the church side out numbered…secondly ending at the Mall…hmm wonder what that’s all about…some how not about the kids…I’m willing to wager….enough! Here are a few images…as always the rest and be  viewed at


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