Black Mountain Lodge#845 Installation of Officers

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Saturday Afternoon at the San Diego Scottish Rite Center, Black Mountain Lodge held its annual installation of officers. The Claude H. Morrison room was filled to capacity with friends,brothers and sisters all there to support the new line of officers for 2016. Attendee’s then adjourned to the Corinthian Ballroom were the guests were treated to a wonderful Buffet of traditional Philippine foods including Roast Pig! Congratulations to Wor. Arnel Zapata I know you will have a great year! Here are just a few photos….the rest at

Al Bahr Shrine Election of Officers

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Friday evening at the Al Bahr Shrine Center, Al Bahr held its annual election of officer’s. Congratulations to Lou Hahn our newly elected potentate for the year 2016! His theme this year is Team16….and it looks to be a great year! Here are a few photos…the rest at