Hindu Ceremonies

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On Monday March 21st, at Shri Mandir Temple in Mira Mesa, Myself and my colleague Steve had the pleasure of filming and photographing a two hour ceremony in which three boys were introduced to Nepalese Hindu ceremony regarding parents/elders…and is generally done before marriage…the opportunity was provided by Kam who owns the Himalayan restaurant in La Mesa, Ca. It was an event most people never get the opportunity to witness! here are just a few photos….the rest can be viewed at http://www.mindseyephotographies.zenfolio.com

Mother Goose Parade

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On Saturday November 21st, The annual Mother Goose Parade was held in El Cajon California…for the first time in 69 years not on a Sunday. The parade was much shorter than in years past and the route has been changed…not for the better in my eyes. I normally don’t get on a soap box on this site…not my style…but…since I have a 54 year history to work from I think I can speak from experience…these changes do not seem to be for the better…first…Saturday…really…want to take a small guess at  how many children are in gauged at Soccer,Baseball , Basketball and other sundry sports venues…on Saturday….I know that they are trying to cater to religious concerns regarding Sundays and Church…I am willing to take a guess that kids/sports has the church side out numbered…secondly ending at the Mall…hmm wonder what that’s all about…some how not about the kids…I’m willing to wager….enough! Here are a few images…as always the rest and be  viewed at www.mindseyephotographies.zenfolio.com


Celestial Outing

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On December 27, In the Chill of the late evening three intrepid photographers trekked to Mount Laguna….and after the frozen hands and numb feet were well in hand…we completed our mission to capture some star light…here are a few of the results….you can view the rest at www.mindseyephotographies.zenfolio.com in the folder marked”Photographers best”