Al Bahr Potentates Ball

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Saturday evening found the Nobility in their finest attire and in the hundreds attending the Inaugural Ball of Ill. Dave Pirie as the newest Potentate of Al Bahr Shrine. The Ladies were gorgeous…the Nobles dapper… Dinner was served …the presentations made…an absolutely fabulous time was had by everyone in attendance! A surprise appearance of the favorite Country group of the Pote and First Lady was the icing on the cake! Afterwards everyone made they’re way to the hospitality suite for a last minute libation! Here are some photos…all can be viewed at

Al Bahr Potentates Mixer

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Friday evening at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Fashion Valley…the newest Potentate of Al Bahr Shrine Ill. Dave Pirie welcomed all visiting Nobles of the Mystic Shrine! Poolside found the “camels Milk”flowing freely with a well stocked table of sumptuous roasted vegetables with prosciutto, cheese and stuffed olives…if you weren’t suitably provided for it was definitely your own fault! Here are just few Photos to tease you with…the rest can be seen at

Scottish Rite Installation of Officers

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On Wednesday evening the San Diego Scottish Rite held it’s annual installation of Officers at the San Diego Scottish center. There were almost 200 in attendance for the dinner and then the installation itself, a good time was had by all! Congratulations to David Haslim the newest Venerable Master of the San Diego Scottish Rite. Here are a few photos the rest can be seen at

Mr. and Mrs. Walker

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On Saturday January 11th, at the Al Bahr Shrine Temple in San Diego, CA . At 12:30pm Steve and Lieghanne were joined in Holy Matrimony…with a few close friends and relatives present for the ceremony…the Bride serenaded the groom…a first for this photographer…the nuptials were sealed with a traditional kiss…and a great time was had by all! Here are a few photos…the rest can be viewed at





Celestial Outing

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On December 27, In the Chill of the late evening three intrepid photographers trekked to Mount Laguna….and after the frozen hands and numb feet were well in hand…we completed our mission to capture some star light…here are a few of the results….you can view the rest at in the folder marked”Photographers best”