Monday evening I had the pleasure of photographing the Medium Tilt Rotor Squadron 163, USMC. It was their Birthday Ball at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, Ca. Shooting for GCS Photography it was my 102nd Ball and the last one of the season…for this year at least! The Ridge Runners is one of the oldest Helicopter Squadrons of the Marine Corps and the one that has “evil eyes”on the front of all their Birds!

Mother Goose Parade

For the fourteenth Year in a row I photographed the Mother Goose Parade in El Cajon, Ca. Though the clouds thretened rain for awhile this morning we made it through with only a few drops! The parade was well attened and a good time was had by kids big and small! Here are just a few photos to spark your interest, the rest can be seen by going to the Image Galleries page and follow the link!

1st C.A.G.

Saturday evening at the Irvine Marriott I had the pleasure of photographing the 1st. Civil Affairs Group of the U.S.M.C.Birthday Ball for GCS Photography. The guest of honor was a retired Gunnery Sargent, a veteran of Korean war, Navy Cross and lost his leg from the knee down. He talked about how ordinary people can do extraordinary things, something everyone should remember!

Magdelena Ecke YMCA

Thursday evening I freelanced for PBM Images Inc. at Magdelena Ecke YMCA doing Karate Photographs of students and of course the “team” photo with both of the Sensei’s on either end! Congrats to all of the “Ninja’s and Karate Kids” good luck on your Kata’s!