Al Bahr Chief Rabban Night

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On Friday September 26th, The Chief Rabban’s fund raiser went off at Al Bahr Shrine center as a smashing success…around the world in eighty bite was a great theme, food was outstanding including the Haggus…ceviche and lumpia…camels milk was enjoyed by all…top off with cigars from the cigar club! Here are a few  photos…the rest can be viewed at

Scottish Rite Stated Meeting

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Tonight at the San Diego Scottish Rite stated meeting, seven new Knights of the Double Eagle were invested with their Ribbons and jewels. The knights were created to inspire and reward service by the 32 degree Scottish Rite masons, each knight receives additional ribbons and bars to the jewel as his points accrue as he participates thru out the years. Here are just a few photos the rest can be viewed by going to

Scottish Rite Information Night

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On Wednesday evening at the San Diego Scottish Rite Center, the Scottish Rite hosted its annual information night. Interested Masons were in abundance and treated to a sumptuous meal before retiring to the Golden Eagle Auditorium to View a portion of the twentieth degree Vignette…here are a few photos…the rest can be found by traveling East…to  Recent Galleries is were you will find them!

Mark and Laurie Heuslein

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On Sunday afternoon Mark and Laurie became Mr. and Mrs. Heuslein on Harbor Island , San Diego. A small gathering of close friends were present as Mark and Laurie tied the knot! With the weather threatening to rain on their “parade” they were made man and wife without a drop falling! Here are a few images, the rest can be viewed at